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Flashonary is a Chinese flashcard dictionary designed for learners of the Chinese language.

The fastest way to look up words, create flashcards and study vocabulary.

The perfect companion for any Chinese study program.


Lookup words in the comprehensive dictionary

and save them as flashcards

Lookup words in the dictionary using Pinyin, English or Chinese characters.

Save dictionary words as flashcards with a tap of a button.

Chinese-English and


dictionaries in simplified

and traditional Chinese.

Edit any detail of any word

Review and edit notes, examples, pictures

measure words, definitions.

or references to other words such

as synonyms, antonyms,

abbreviations, erhua variants etc.

No internet connection required


Learn words quickly, concentrating on those you don’t

know well, while retaining those you do

Study with flashcards using best practices.

Specialised algorithms track which words you know well

and tests you more on those you don’t. So you don’t waste

time thinking about which words to study, or spending a lot

of time on words you already know.

Organise your flashcards according to how you study

(or however you want) with folders.

See your progress. The coloured progress bar on each

word tells you how well you know each word.

Import and Export flashcards and share them with your



Increase your efficiency and effectiveness with add-ons and flashcard sets

Tone colours

Chinese characters coloured according to the Chinese tone.

(premium add-on)

Audio Pronunciations

Accurate audio

pronunciations of all words.

Spoken by a native north-eastern Chinese linguist using standard mandarin.

(premium add-on)

Print and PDF

Print and PDF handouts and physical flashcards

(premium add-on)

Flashcard Sets

High quality pre-made flashcard sets for almost any topic.




Flashcards for Popular Textbooks

Learn vocabulary for popular textbooks

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iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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